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N. 15.september kl 18-21 ja R. 16.september kl 18-21
Vaba Lava väike proovisaal (Telliskivi)
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Ramunė Balevičiūtė, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

How artistic research is possible?

September 15, Thursday. During the lectures, we will look at the specifics of an artistic research as a new paradigm of research. It is generally assumed that the goal of artistic research is to contribute both to artistic universe and to the sphere of academia while using artistic production; however, we can ask how it is possible, or if it is possible at all, to transmit new knowledge through the artwork. While discussing the premises for the rise of artistic research, the lecturer will introduce different concepts of knowledge, paying special attention to the notion of embodied knowledge. Finally, we will focus on the topic of research in theatre and the students will be invited to discuss the relevant research outcome.

September 16, Friday. We will share experiences about making artistic research and present some examples. The documentary Sutarmenko by Brigita Bublytė which is a part of her artistic research will be demonstrated.

Ramunė Balevičiūtė, PhD, is a theatre researcher and critic. She is an associate professor of theatre history and theatre criticism at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and the head of the Department of Art History and Theory. She is also the editor-in-chief of the main Lithuanian theatre magazine Teatro žurnalas. Besides academic articles, she has published two monographs: Henrikas Kačinskas (2006) and Rimas Tuminas: Theatre More Real Than Life. Play in Rimas Tuminas’ Theatre (2012). Recently, she has mostly focused on research of acting. In 2013-2014, she was heading the research project Thinking Body: Acting Systems’ Analysis and Integration in the Process of the Work of a Contemporary Actor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Besides, as a supervisor, Balevičiūtė has been actively involved in the artistic research.

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