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Estonian Dance Platfrom UUS TANTS 11 

 UUS TANTS 11 presents the best dance performances from the last few years 
 The main program of Uus Tants 2013 is now revealed! The performances in the main program of the festival taking place in April 11-13, 2013 in Haapsalu are: 
 Fine 5 Tantsuteater „Enne kui minna, ma ütlen“  
 Karl Saks „The Drone of Monk Nestor“ 
 Erik Alalooga & Andreas W „Materjali vastupanu“ 
 Kaja Kann & Juha Valkeapää „It seems a good place to build a house“ 
 Renate Valme and Kompanii Nii „Pung“ 
 millimeter performance group “It was good while it lasted (feat. Luminoso)” 
For children the festival has in its program dance performance „Võluvärk“ by Zuga ühendatud tantsijad.  
In addition various dance artists present their work-in-progresses, which have been added to the program keeping in mind the artistic directors of festivals and producers coming to enjoy the festival in Haapsalu from different countries around the world.  
 The main program was put together by Henri Hütt, the artistic director of the festival, and a jury consisting of three members.  
 During the festival Uus Tants takes also place the international seminar for students of theatre studies "nu_dnc.txt". Young dance critics from Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania participate in a three day long workshop and search for novel ways to present new dance, to keep up with the constantly changing object of their research and to update their tools. The seminar is organized by Tartu University Lodge of Theater Studies Students and keðja Writing Movement.   
 The partners of the festival are keðja, the network of Nordic-Baltic dance artists, and Estonian Theatre Agency and Draamamaa (  
 Festival Uus Tants took place for the first time in 1997.  The aim of the overview festival of the Estonian contemporary dance is to present the best performances created by Estonian choreographers and dancers which have premiered during the last two years.